How B2B brands can boost engagement with videos

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Whether its Netflix and chill or Hulu and relax, people love to watch videos — and B2B customers are people too! Still, B2B marketers need to do video well to truly leverage our proclivity for moving pictures.

In a past article, I offered examples of types of B2B videos. Yet, whatever type you pick can drive action — if done well. Adding a video component to content marketing efforts can make a difference across industries. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website can improve by 53% the chances your site will be on Google’s first page for search results.

Videos also capture consumer attention, drive higher engagement, and increase customer conversions. They even provide more detailed feedback as it’s easy to measure click-through rates, drop-off points, or numbers of time watched.

Tips to leverage video in B2B marketing

Have a clear objective. Before scripting and filming a video think first about what you want the video to accomplish. Whether it’s brand building, building trust, explaining a process, encouraging applications, or driving conversions, focus the video on that one mission. One video = one goal. This is not a feature-length film after all.

Know your audience. Focus your single, simple, and accessible message on a particular target audience. A Software as a Service (SaaS) company, for instance, addressing a C-suite executive might speak to the bigger picture and focus on ROI and driving innovation. Yet the same company, doing a video for the engineers who will be actually employing the solution, might go into more specific detail about how the SaaS works and value-added to internal processes.

Make ’em laugh. We love to laugh, so humor helps you to engage audiences in the video. Still, don’t go overboard in an attempt to create the next viral sensation. That’s a long shot. Focus on your overall objective, inject some humor into the video script, and overall aim for engaging and energetic. Poking fun at your own brand or business, or laughing at a common customer pain point, can give the audience an opportunity to relate and smile.

Make ’em cry. Well, you don’t necessarily want them to be sobbing over your solution explainer video. Although Go Pro does a good job of making viewers tear up in this example.

Nevertheless, tapping into emotion is a smart move. Video offers immersion and can truly draw the audience into an experience. Don’t rely only on stats and figures to win over your potential buyer. Pair logic with an emotional appeal in crafting a call to action that connects.

Be concise. You are competing with kittens playing piano, Carpool Karaoke, and the In My Feeling Challenge . Don’t waste your viewer’s time. Get to the point. Get there quickly. Keep your video concise, be authentic, and share the most necessary details in a direct, engaging way.

Videos over 30 minutes retain only 10% of viewers while those under 90 seconds retain 53% of viewers on average. — Vidyard

Your videos need to be useful, relevant, and timely to capture audience attention. This means this may not be the right project for employing your teenage daughter — unless she’s a young Sofia Coppolla in the making. Otherwise your marketing message may literally get Lost in Translation.

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