15 Useful Event Marketing Tools You May Not Know Yet

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Just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean we should hold fast to that approach. Event marketers can’t still use spreadsheets for everything. We live in a digital world, and event marketing needs to keep up. Going digital with these 15 event marketing tools can help you keep pace with expectations.

Estimates say there are more than 200 different marketing automation platforms available today, but event marketing technology is not quite that widespread — yet. Still, there are many marketing tools available today that can help event marketers better manage event promotion, registration and ticketing, accommodation and travel management, personalized event experiences for attendees, and more.

Bizzabo has a broad functionality for midrange users. With an event website builder and enabling event marketing ad promotion through email and online ads, this solution is particularly useful at the front-end of event management. You can also use this for registration and ticketing, agenda management, and surveys.

Attendease has a great name and offers support for registration with promo codes, event email marketing, mobile apps for attendees, attendee tracking, and surveys. This broadly focused tool also offers event portfolio management and event-specific website development but its sweet spot is its ease of use for small to midsize companies.

Aventri is an end-to-end cloud-based platform for midsize and larger users. It’s mission? “From venue sourcing to mobile, marketing to logistics, integrations to ROI, we strive to deliver the best integrated solution.” The core package offers website, marketing, registration and survey support. But customers can add on from the remaining modules to manage everything from seating plans to abstracts and submissions.

Promising to work “like eight of you” Eventsquid is another comprehensive platform with features such as a dashboard offering a live snapshot of the event, budget management tool, data integration with other systems, and the ability to produce badges and offer mobile check-in.

One of the focal points of Hubb is offering a “faster way to select and manage the event content.” Noting that 66% of conference attendees make a decision to attend only after they have information about session content, Hubb makes it easier for events to post and share up-to-date information from speakers and panels.

Whova also highlights its content management capabilities, but its logistics (e.g. time-saving logistic management tools) functionality and attendee and exhibitor engagement tools also garner attention.

Of course, if you’re doing a large scale event, Cvent is an option too. This longstanding player in the event market provides software and services for venue sourcing, housing, traveling, online registration, and more.

Attendify offers step-by-step guidelines to help you build a custom-branded app for your event. The app can even feature private social networking to help attendees and sponsors build relationships and engage with event content. You’ll be able to track that engagement, and you can offer your exhibitors onsite lead management through the online portal.

EventMobi is another platform with a focus on making events more immediate. Along with the traditional offerings, this one enables in-session polling and surveys, live display of social media engagement and announcements, as well as gamification options to create “a fun, exciting and memorable experience for your guests.

Everwall also helps you collect and display social activity about your event for real-time display. Formerly Tweetwall, this platform now enables event organizers to draw on Instagram, Slack, SMS and more in making a mix and match social wall. I’ve used Everwall for a few events and its always been a hit with attendees.

Pigeonhole Live makes live Q&A at your events more interactive. The platform lets participants anonymously post questions for speakers to answer. These are then voted on by the other participants and features a Question Wall function to show your attendees how others are responding to the speakers in the moment.

Eventtia targets smaller clients with its comprehensive event planning software offering the familiar website build, check in, and attendee tracking solutions. But one interesting element it adds is the B2B Matchmaking Platform which helps attendees create their own agendas and decide who they want to connect with while allowing you to easily organize their one-on-one meetings.

If all you need to worry about is the seating plan, you’re a lucky event planner. Plus, Social Tables can help simplify the process and also offers event check-in and helps you collaborate with caterers, venue providers, and other organizers.

Certain’s focus is on event automation and capturing rich attendee data to “provide insights to drive sales and marketing activities.” With the ability to measure event management and marketing activities, this software focuses on marketing leads, sales pipeline and revenue generation. Its differentiator is its effort to connect the event concretely to marketing efforts.

Rainfocus also ties in with digital marketing systems to provide “event and customer journeys in one.” Promising “intelligence without the data mining” this software helps drive personalization and focuses on engagement and workflow management driven by attendee data.

Each of these tools can help event marketers remain current, help quantify ROI and offer better overall measurement and insight gathering. What’s not to like about those benefits? Get inspired!

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